Vision RT is a world leader in the field of real time 3D surface imaging. 

Vision RT provides the tools to increase the accuracy of patient setup and enhance the safety of treatment delivery.

Providing more than just motion management, Vision RT solutions ensure that you always know where your patient is. 

Vision RT’s non-invasive 3D surface imaging technology allows image guided radiation therapy (IGRT) to be applied 
with the confidence necessary for today’s sophisticated treatment techniques.

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Tracks the 3D surface of a patient in real time without the need to apply external markers or any other physical device to the patient.
GateCT® tracks the 3D surface of a patient during 4DCT data acquisition. The system is synchronised with the CT scanner* and facilitates retrospective 4D CT reconstruction.


- User selects points to track respiratory and patient motion
- No markers, spirometer or any form of patient contact device are required
- Surface imaging acquisition is synchronised with CT* data collection
- Tracked data may be reviewed offline. Editing tools allow the user to correct any phase tags or the labelling of valid breathing data
- The edited respiratory data are exported to the 4D workstation, thereby enabling the subsequent reconstruction of 4D CT data


A revolutionary 3D imaging solution for patient setup and real time tracking during radiation therapy, providing speed and accuracy, driven through a simple and intuitive user interface. This non-invasive system does not require the use of any markers and adds no further irradiation.

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Tracks the 3D surface of a patient in real time without the need to apply external markers or any other physical device to the patient.

GateRT® tracks respiratory motion in real time during radiation delivery or diagnostic imaging. The system monitors signals derived from the 3D surface of the patient. Suitable gating thresholds are determined by the user and set within the software. These are used to gate the radiation beam during treatment* or imaging*.


- Acquire reference surface and select optimal tracking points. To ensure reproducibility, these can be imported from a previously captured reference surface
- As determined by the 4D treatment plan, suitable gating and patient motion thresholds are set
- GateRT® supports both amplitude and phase based gating protocols
- Start tracking. The beam is gated* according to user defined gating thresholds
- GateRT® also monitors patient movement and abnormal breathing. If either of these exceeds a pre-set tolerance, the beam is held automatically*

*Full details of supported interfaces are provided in third party interface statement.