CIRS Releases Three New Prostate Phantoms

Oct 31, 2014 (Norfolk, Va.) CIRS today announced the release of their newest prostate phantoms, which combine nine previous versions into three concise designs.

The new CIRS Ultrasound Prostate Training Phantoms are multi-modality disposable phantoms developed for practicing procedures that involve scanning the prostate with a rectal probe, including ultrasound-guided cryosurgery, radioactive seed implantation, and needle biopsy.

Gel formulations within the Model 053S, 053L and 053L-EF are designed to minimize needle tracking and to provide imaging contrast under CT, MRI, ultrasound and elastography.

The phantoms are available with lesions (053L) and without lesions (053S) and can be ordered in either the standard side-fire configuration or an alternate geometry optimized for end-fire probes (053L-EF).

The development of the 053S, 053L and 053L-EF improves upon and consolidates several older versions of CIRS prostate phantoms.

Product Pages: Tissue-Equivalent Ultrasound Prostate Phantoms (Models 053S, 053L, and 053L-EF)

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