Research collaboration for 3D Printers in radiotherapy

AlphaXRT and the St George’s Cancer Care Centre, a private facility in Christchurch, New Zealand, are pursuing a research collaboration into the use of 3D Printers in radiotherapy.

3D printers may prove to be an exceptional tool for radiotherapy, allowing medical physicists to achieve rapid prototyping of new test equipment that streamlines testing and commissioning processes.

With more than 20 years presence in the healthcare arena, alphaXRT will continuously support and invest in research projects to advance the community of cancer care.” says Richard Neale, Managing Director of AlphaXRT.

AlphaXRT provided St George’s Cancer Care Centre with a state-of-the-art 3D Printer – the Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D Printer. The Kühling&Kühling company and technology was considered the most appropriate for the radiotherapy 3D Printing research project.

“3D Printers offer an exciting new approach to creating patient specific treatment aids and medical physics related quality assurance tools,” says Jerome Gastaldo, Senior Physicist at St George’s. “We are determined to explore the benefits 3D Printers can offer in the care of cancer patients, for example, the creation of personalized bolus.”

AlphaXRT is the leading independent distributor of radiotherapy software and equipment used in the treatment of cancer in Australasia and represents a wide range of international suppliers.

The Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial 3D Printer is distributed by alphaXRT in Australia and New Zealand.