Turning point in radiation therapy

We are at a turning point in the radiation therapy industry where significant innovation will come from software. RayStation is very well positioned in leading this innovation to advance cancer treatment.

There are many reasons to believe that a stronger focus on software will help clinics achieve greater efficiency and improved patient care.

Here are just a few of these reasons:

  • This case study demonstrates that decreasing calculation times for VMAT planning from around 10-17 min for optimization and final dose calculation to around 2 – 4 minutes significantly increase the fulfillment of clinical goals
  • This white paper shows that you don’t need to go through expensive Linac upgrade to reach constant dose rate plan quality in VMAT. With RayStation it is possible to create deliverable SCDR (Split-Constant Dose Rate) VMAT plans with comparable plan quality as corresponding VDR (Variable Dose Rare) plans, without upgrading the Linac to VDR
  • This video below presents how connected centers that remotely access RayStation from anywhere and share workload achieve tremendous efficiency.

These findings and many others are available here, including the Adaptive Therapy options in RayStation.