RaySearch webinar: Generate, filter, select: How Plan Explorer redefines automatic planning

Freddie Cardel outlines the concept of automatic plan generation with Plan Explorer and demonstrates a completely new level of automation. He explains the approach, where large numbers of high-quality treatment plans are automatically generated for defined clinical goals and combinations of treatment techniques and machines, and shows how these plans can be easily filtered and browsed to find the most suitable candidates to be evaluated.

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The inaugural Australasian RayStation Symposium - a day extremely memorable and a great success

The inaugural Australasian RayStation Symposium, hosted by alphaXRT and Radiation Oncology Institute, was held on Saturday at the Four Seasons in Sydney.

Quality presentations, enthusiastic delegates and our special guest Dr Johan Löf, the Founder and CEO of RaySearch, who shared his vision of the future of radiotherapy, combined to make the day extremely memorable and a great success.

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2015 RayStation Symposium in Australasia PROGRAMME ONLINE

Less than 3 weeks before the Inaugural RayStation Symposium in Australasia -  Saturday 10th of October 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

Hurry up and register, a limited number of rooms are available at a discounted rate at the Four Seasons Hotel!

For the programme please visit www.alphaxrt.com/RS2015.

Looking forward to see you there!

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Video demo: Fallback planning in RayStation with rayFallback

Watch this video to learn how rayFallback, RayStation's Fallback planning module, can help you create fallback plans for any modality or treatment technique. This will help you avoid any disruptions in your patients treatment and stress on staff when a machine is unavailable. Also it is a first step towards automated planning and can be alternatively use to evaluate plans.

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Deformable Registration; the key to Adaptive Therapy

Learn about deformable registration and how it is essential for adaptive therapy. Will bring up common cases where deformable registration can be used, discuss related challenges as well as necessary features for success. You will see RayStation's approach to deformable registration with functionalities like structure propagation, dose deformation, treatment evaluation for delivered fractions and various QA options.

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