RayStation is the result of advanced development and research that has spanned the last two decades.
RaySearch’s market-leading optimisation algorithms for VMAT, IMRT, 3DCRT and Electrons form the core of the most advanced treatment planning system on the market today! Alongside a comprehensive set of tools for traditional 3D planning, RayStation also supports TomoTherapy, Proton and Carbon Ion planning.
• Unrivalled computation speed
• First TPS in the market to offer Multi-Criteria Optimisation
• Fully integrated dose tracking and treatment adaptation
• Multi-modality image registration including both rigid and deformable registration
• Advanced contouring tools including Atlas Based Segmentation
• Support for 4D data
• Automated plan generation including Plan Explorer, Automated Breast Planning, Fallback Planning, Scripting and Plan Generation Protocols.

For product pricing / information please contact:
Nigel Attwood
Wendy Schumer