VeriShield™ - Radiation Shielding Modules - the Future of Radiation Shielding is now.

VeriShield is the keystone of Veritas' product line. Patent pending, VeriShield is utilized in our groundbreaking system of dry-stacked interlocking modules which can be assembled into a tight, leak-free radiation therapy room of any size or shape and for any energy and modality. The unique curved design of each module provides superior neutron, photon and particle attenuation by a factor of more than two times at the joints. Suitable for any machine type, VeriShield is unmatched by other existing shielding materials.

VeriShield provides significant attenuation, greatly reducing the shielding material needed to attain desired protection levels. Compared to traditional concrete construction, VeriShield rooms consume less than half the space of a similarly specified concrete vault. VeriShield not only conserves floor space, but can also fit within a single story, unlike concrete vaults which penetrate upper floor levels. The result is dramatic savings in terms of space, cost, and time.

For product pricing / information please contact:
Nigel Attwood